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Stelvio National Park

The landscape of the Park is made of majestic mountains, deep woods, green alpine pastures featuring sparkling torrents originating from glaciers. 

The villages and the huts at the bottom of the valley and on the slopes complete this beautiful picture and represent a charming example of rural and sacred architecture in complete harmony with the environment. It’s really worth discovering it! 

The fauna

The typical animals of the park are the deer and the roe, the chamois and the ibex. Of course there are marmots, squirrels, mountain hares, foxes, badgers, and grouses. Last, but not least, comes the eagle of the Alps, the symbol of the park, and the bearded vulture, that has been recently spotted.

The flora

The flora changes according to the several segments that vary according to the altitude. The most common plants are coniferous, forests of spruce, larch and pine. Pine trees, rhododendron, juniper and blueberry are often at higher altitudes.
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