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Cross-country skiing for your health

The cross-country skiing tracks of Santa Caterina Valfurva boast 10 km of competitive trails and 8 km of easier trails, which wind through the scenic landscapes of deep forests and little houses in the mountain. 

They are right next to our hotel and suitable for beginners who want to learn the technique: you can rely on the tips of our instructor in the hotel. 

The same tracks, featuring more technical parts are ideal for experienced skiers, who will appreciate the competitive rings which are well-known all over the world: they host national and international competitions with the participation of the most important athletes. 

If you do not know it yet, we'll tell you now: cross-country skiing is good for the good health of your brain too.

According an alpine medicine scholar cross country skiing is better than alpine skiing because it brings more benefits to the cardiovascular system and fights stress.

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